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Sheena Weel

CanfitPro Personal Training Specialist J3U Lvl 1 Certified
Applied Hypertrophy Optimization. 

Weel Wellness Personal Training

Online Coaching - In Person Training - Tailored Programs

I have been in the fitness industry since 2013 as a Bodybuilder and a Personal Trainer. Being in this industry has really further grew my love for the industry, but also allowed myself to learn more in depth as I navigated through this journey. I further wanted to give back to the community and help them on their journey as well .It is my goal to go above and beyond for my clients, to ensure my clients understand the basics and fundamentals so that they are able to perform better in and out of the gym -I want to teach you how to train safely and teach good form so that there are no injuries and to maximize your potential! I specialize In Healthy Eating and Weight-loss as well as Bodybuilding and now Prep Coaching for athletes! I do online coaching and In-person Personal Training.  I am CPR C & AED Certified, CanfitPro Personal Training Specialist and J3U Lvl 1 Certified and Applied Hypertrophy Optimization. 

Weel Wellness Personal Training
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